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Covered 1 b) Pre-hospitalization Covered 1 c) Post-hospitalization Covered 1 d) Day Care Procedures Covered 1 e) Domiciliary Treatment Covered 1 f) Organ Donor Covered 1 g)) Emergency Ambulance Upto Rs.2000 per hospitalisation 1 h) Ayush Benefit Upto Rs 25,000 Upto Rs 50,000 1 i) Daily Cash for choosing Shared Accommodation Rs.500 per day, Maximum Rs.3,000 Rs.800 per day, Maximum Rs.4,800 Rs.1000 per day, Maximum Rs.6,000 2 a) Daily Cash for accompanying an insured child Rs.300 per day, Maximum Rs.9,000 Rs.500 per day, Maximum Rs.15,000 Rs.800 per day, Maximum Rs.24,000 2 b) Newborn baby Additional Benefit on payment of additional premium 2 c) Recovery Benefit Not Covered Rs 10,000 ( > 10 days of hospitalisation) 3 a) Maternity Expenses Normal Delivery Rs. 15,000* Caesarean Delivery Rs. 25,000* (* Including Pre/Post Natal limit of Rs.1,500 and New Born limit of Rs.2,000) [Waiting Period of 6 years] Normal Delivery Rs. 25,000* Caesarean Delivery Rs. 40,000* (* Including Pre/Post

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